Content following

Keep track on content that matters with Content Following

Some files are more relevant to you than to your team members. Maybe you want to keep track when new versions are uploaded, or when comments arrive on a certain page.

Content Following is therefore a useful collaborative feature to stay on top of interesting content. Similar to content bookmarking or subscription, you are notified via email when changes occur to the content you “follow”, e.g. a new version, additional comments, etc. You can also filter a group Activity stream to show “followed” content instead of all activities, and set up RSS feeds.

You are automatically following content you have initiated, edited or commented upon. It is illustrated on each page with a red “Following” icon.

How to manage Content Following

  • You can “unfollow” content you by clicking the red “Following” icon. This stops email notifications or RSS feeds about this particular content.
  • Activate content “following” by clicking the “Following” icon on content you want to stay updated with, but not actively engaged with. Viewing or downloading content is not automatically turning content following on.
  • You can also Follow team members from member profile pages. This will send you notifications if he/she is micro blogging.

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