Online Document Editor

Efficient Collaboration With The Online Document Editor

Also known as the ‘Notes’ feature, the quickest way to share & collaborate on content is to create web documents within the Clinked online document editor. The Clinked document editor is an easy-to-use wiki platform equipped with familiar word editor features and is optimized for multiple editors who can co-operate on writing and managing documents.

Online Document Editor Functionalities

  • Instant editing & saving with no need to download or upload new versions.
  • Create & save templates, for instance for creating status reports, design documents, plans etc.
  • Powerful version control capabilities, including the ability to restore and delete old versions
  • Embed JotForms, hyperlinks, streamed videos & pictures.
  • Multiple font & head line types, bullet lists, table creation and more.
  • Collaborative features to keep clients and stakeholders aware of progress & give feedback.

Create Web Pages For Your Portals

The online document wiki pages can also be used to create web pages for your Clinked groups, whether for an extranet or intranet portal or as a public website.

  • Add JotForms, text, hyperlinks, attachments, images and videos.
  • Visitors can post comments underneath your pages.
  • Customise your page with corporate logo and brand colours.
  • Enterprise users can completely re-skin the design to fit specific needs.

More Features From Clinked

JotForm Integration

Have the ability to create custom forms using this intuitive form builder and then integrate them with Clinked Notes.


Insert live external webpages from different sources inside your Clinked portal with the use of iFrames.

Group chat

In each group within the Clinked portal you have the option for 1 to 1 or group chats to stay in contact with other members.

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