Tagging & Tag clouds

Tags To Find Content Quicker

Tagging makes it easier to find content on Clinked, both in the Clinked search engine result pages and via tag clouds. Tags can be added and edited by all group members on any uploaded or created content in your Clinked groups.

Content Tagging & Clinked Search Results

  • A tagged file is likely to rank higher in the Clinked content search engine than a similar untagged file.
  • Tags are displayed together with its content, including on a search result page.

How Tag Cloud Works

  • All Clinked group dashboard pages can display tag cloud included all tagged keywords.
  • The more frequent a keyword is used as a tag, the larger it will proportionally be displayed in relation to other tagged keywords in the tag cloud.
  • Clicking a tag takes you to a search result page, only displaying relevant content associated with the tagged keyword.
  • Tag cloud keywords are essentially shortcuts to relevant content, which your Clinked group collectively have built up.
  • If you dont use tags, a tag cloud will not be displayed.

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