Data Security At Clinked

Trust is an integral part of a digital client experience, and one of Clinked core values. This is why we offer a best in class security for all our users - regardless of their package, including safe data transfers and storage, as well as TLS 1.2 standards for all communication.

Two-factor authentication

Users require something they know (i.e. password) and something they have (i.e. smartphone) in order to access their account.

Complex passwords

When your users are setting up their account, you can opt to have them use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters for their password.

User-based permissions

Each user has set permissions, defined by the account administrator, enabling the relevant viewing or editor rights.

Audit trail

Track user activity and generate CSV reports, including who has viewed, downloaded, created, updated, deleted and logged in to their account.

Automatic account lockout

When a user tries to log in to their account and has been unsuccessful after 6 password attempts, his/her account will be locked for 1 hour.

Encryption in transit & at rest

Clinked uses end-to-end encryption, with 256 bit SSL in transit and AES encryption at rest — the same level of encryption you find with banks.

Learn More About Clinked Data Centers

Choose to host your solution in either a public cloud or a private cloud. Both solutions benefit from highest security standard. If you’re interested in deploying your solution in a private cloud, get in touch

Public cloud servers

Our public cloud servers are specifically located in AWS Ireland (EU) and Virginia (US). You can choose the location that best suits your business needs & requirements.

Private cloud servers

Combine the power of cloud with the security of on-premise. Decide on the location of your servers to ensure maximum performance and speed, restrict access to groups by IP addresses, geographical locations etc.

Data hosting tiers

All our data centers tiers range from 1 to 4. The tier ranking system is a standardised methodology used to define the guaranteed uptime of data centers.

Compliance At Clinked

Clinked is ISO 27001 certified (certification number 235481). Additionally, Clinked uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) for hosting its data centres for public cloud solutions, which are ISO 27001, SAS70, PCI certified, HIPAA compliant and comply with US federal government customer requirements by being FISMA and FIPs certified. Clinked is an approved supplier to the UK government and is a member of the official G-Cloud framework. Online security doesn’t get any more robust than this.

Single sign on (SSO)

Login on your Clinked portal with your LinkedIn or GSuite account for extra security and ease of use.

Automatic log-off

Log out automatically out each time you leave your portal, or get logged out of your account every 30 days.

Controlled logins

Implement authenticated logins and Administrators can view the audit trail to see when users have logged in.

Permissions & access

Administrators have complete control over which members are able to view, edit, download and delete content.

Clinked is ISO Certified.

With ISO27001 accreditation, our clients can rely on us to protect their information in a systematic and cost-effective way. ISO certification, in addition to our bank-grade security, ensures the highest levels of data security.

Clinked is ISO certified

Clinked is Cyber Essentials Certified.

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government backed scheme that helps to protect your organisation against the most common cyber threats. Clinked passed a special hands-on technical verification to earn the Certified Plus badge.

Clinked Cyber Essentials badge

Clinked is GDPR Compliant.

Clinked is GDPR compliant. At Clinked, we meet the highest standards possible for data privacy. Find out more about how we protect your data and client’s data.

Clinked is GDPR compliant

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