1. White-label, featuring your brand throughout

Having your brand front and centre of the software that your clients directly engage with is critical in further building your brand and ensuring consistency of brand values and perception.

Clinked provides infinite branding options to ensure the Clinked client portal appears, to all intents and purposes, to be ‘your’ client portal.

From custom domain through to color scheme and logo placement – no other client portal offers this degree of brandability.

Why choose Clinked. White-label.

Clinked Branded native app

2. Your own branded native app

The white label branding we mentioned applies not only to the web-based version of your Clinked client portal, but also to your Clinked mobile app.

Your self-branded client portal app will be compatible with both Android and iOS devices and feature all of the functionality of the web-based version of Clinked. Additionally, to ensure an optimal user experience we’ll keep your app up to date with lifetime app updates as part of our service to you.

As well as providing you with your app we can also support you in getting it listed on the Android and iOS app stores.

3. A superior document management system

Finding and managing client and project information with ease is key to running a business well. Whatever data you manage or store to run your business, whatever file type or format, it can all be securely stored and managed from one central source.

Increase your efficiency, streamline your workflow and relax with enhanced security (more on that later).

Plus, because Clinked offers audit trail functionality you can see who has accessed / shared / uploaded what, and when, you’re always in control of yours and your clients’ data.

Clinked Document management system

4. Task management for all

Just as good document management ensures smooth business operations, so too does an effective task management tool. Our task management functionality isn’t focused just on internal tasks – you can also assign tasks and reminders to your clients.

For example, create pre-defined tasks for clients to provide essential documents and approvals. Gentle reminders prompt the assignee until the task is completed.

Task automation streamlines your workflow, reduces administration and frees up your team to focus on other things.

5. Subscription-based pricing

Cashflow is king, as the old adage says. Subscription based pricing ensures your business avoids unnecessarily high upfront costs when adopting Clinked as your client portal. With scalable subscriptions, monthly payments and no long-term contracts, you’re in complete control.

Super flexible subscriptions allow you to upgrade and downgrade to suit your needs. Plus, enjoy up to 35% discount if you choose one of our annual packages.

With no hidden costs and the option to pay in multiple currencies, signing up to Clinked couldn’t be easier.


secure client portal

6. Bank-grade security. Certified compliance.

Clinked is built on a platform of trust. Everything we do is geared to ensuring you can rest easy knowing that you and your clients’ data is totally secure.

With 256 bit encryption, two factor authentication, adjustable user permissions and complex password settings, Clinked provides unbreakable security.

We are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and HIPAA compliant. Additionally Clinked is FISMA and FIPs certified. Clinked is a trusted UK Government supplier. Online security doesn’t get any more robust than this.

7. Avoid expensive development costs

Developing your own branded client portal is likely to be an expensive and time consuming endeavour.

Luckily, when you adopt Clinked as your branded client portal, you don’t have to worry about expensive programming costs, the time it takes to develop and maintain the platform or integrating the development with your existing workflow tools – we have already done all of the hard work for you.

You can use Clinked straight out of the box, or personalise the platform to meet your specific requirements by choosing the custom portal option.

Avoid expensive development costs

Clinked portal can be implemented quickly

8. Instant implementation. Easy adoption.

A steep learning curve, and months of development are the last thing you need when adopting a new platform.

Thankfully, Clinked has got you covered. For SMEs, we offer an off the shelf totally brandable solution that can be implemented within an hour. For enterprise clients we can offer a completely bespoke solution that matches your specific requirements in as little as 2 weeks.

Coupled with our great customer service and ongoing support, adopting Clinked as your client portal couldn’t’ be easier.

9. Clinked is an established business with a history of delivering excellence

When you’re buying into a new service provider you need to be sure that they’ll be around next week, obviously. Clinked has been the world’s leading client portal platform for over 14 years.

With over 3,000 clients in 42 countries using Clinked in 27 languages, we’re the world’s favourite custom client portal for good reason.

We’ve invested literally millions in developing and continually improving the Clinked platform and will continue to do so. You can absolutely rely on Clinked.

Clinked was established in 2008

10. And, finally – our customers love us!


Streamline your business. Engage your clients.

Choose a Clinked Client Portal for your Business. Upgrade your client experience today with our fully white label, best in class client portal.

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