Instant file viewing

View Files Directly From Your Portal

Clinked enables you to view many document formats without requiring downloading the files first. You see the files displayed within Clinked as quickly as if they are stored on your local network. Efficiently view your files directly from within your portal and get them signed off in no time.

Instant HTML5 Viewing With No Need To Download The Files First

  • Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) for PC, Mac and mobile devices (Android and Apple).
  • PDF previews.
  • Images & videos (.JPEG, .PNG, .MP4 etc.).
  • Text files.

Add Feedback On Your Files

Add comments inside and at the bottom of your live file previews to provide feedback on individual documents.
Collaborate more efficiently with your clients and team members.
Request your file to be approved by another member of your group/project.
Use version control to restore previous copies of your file and your previous comments won’t get deleted.

More Features From Clinked

Instant File Viewing

Upload multiple large files of any format into project folders via the file uploading tool or via email straight into your project group.

Version Control

Keep track of all changes being actioned on documents – every saved file version can be reviewed, compared and restored.

File Locking

You can “lock” a file while making changes and “unlock” it when you have saved or uploaded an updated version.

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