Why Choose a Clinked Virtual Data Room?

Reap the rewards of client knowledge across your teams by using the right features - without compromising on security

Instantly accessible

Collaborate in the office or on the go with our cloud-based software or mobile app. Get notifications in real time.

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Maximum security

In addition to its own ISO27001 certification, Clinked uses Amazon AWS S3 data centres for its public cloud solutions, which are ISO27001, SAS70 & PCI certified.

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Audit trails

Administrators can access their audit trail in Account Settings and receive comprehensive reports on user behaviors and activity.

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Controlled access permissions

Set permissions and control access at a user, folder and file level. Further protect your most sensitive documents with additional passwords.

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Activity stream

Access your dashboard for a summary of real-time activity streams and latest updates. Stay on top of changes and team activity.

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Fully brand your virtual data room with your company colours, logo, URL & more. Put your brand front and center with a 100% white label interface.

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It’s easy to use and full of features! Our clients love us!

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A Secure One Stop Shop For Your All Your Data

Clinked virtual data room is a simple and cost effective solution for businesses looking for a more efficient way to share and store information from within a secure, controllable environment. Let your clients and teams collaborate freely while ensuring your sensitive data is protected.

We can offer you anything from the most basic and cost effective VDR for a small, short-term project, or a sophisticated custom banking data room for M&A and other wealth management needs.

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A Secure & Intuitive Space For Your Teams & Clients

Clinked Virtual Data Room offers a secure, cloud based space for your teams, clients and stakeholders to collaborate & share information. Take advantage of customizable workspaces to make your brand front and center. Benefit from unlimited projects & groups and a software that grows with your business.

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Custom VDR design

Would you like to have a completely custom VDR built on the Clinked infrastructure?

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Unparalleled security

Clinked's VDRs benefit from the highest security and compliance standards.

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What is a VDR?

A Virtual Data Room (VDR) is an online platform that provides a secure, centralized location for the storage and sharing of sensitive business information. VDRs are commonly used in M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) transactions, due diligence processes, and other situations where multiple parties need to access and review confidential documents. VDRs offer advanced security features such as encryption, authentication, and access controls to ensure the protection of sensitive information. They also provide tools for organizing, sharing, and tracking document activity to streamline the information-gathering process.

How does a VDR work?

Virtual Data Rooms typically contain documents and data that are strictly confidential and have restrictions on who can access and view them. Scheduled times are used for viewing the documents and data contained within the VDR, and this allows investors and regulators access during the specified time period. Generally, when the speed and efficiency of current document retrieval are taken into account, the VDR pays for itself in one Merger and Acquisition (M&A) transaction.

Benefits of VDRs

When compared to physical data rooms, the differences and advantages of VDRs can be easily seen. Physical Data Rooms are costly to maintain, time-consuming to set up, travel costs are incurred by all users, and paper-intensive. VDRs allow many more users to be present, and this actually results in bids being 20% to 30% higher than when physical data rooms are utilized. Along with improved efficiency and speed of transactions, information being more secure leads to deals being made at higher prices. In a true VDR, no data can be downloaded but can be viewed when the user is given the necessary permissions.

Store, Share and Manage Documents Securely

Choose a Clinked Virtual Data Room for your business and deliver more to your teams and clients. Speak to one of our friendly product experts.

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