Increased Transparency

Share relevant information, ideas & plans with your clients, teams & more. Ensure that your knowledge is easily accessible within your Clinked portal.

  • Embrace the efficiency of a one stop shop for all your data. Ditch cluttered email inboxes & clunky intranets.
  • Say good bye to information overload with advanced permission and access control at a granular and group level.
  • The sky is the limit – make use of unlimited file uploading and unlimited projects & groups.
  • Actively engage with clients, using rich collaborative features, clear ownership & custom notifications settings.
  • Create a knowledge base that’s secure and valuable to everyone.

Your Brand Front And Center Throughout

Let Clinked disapear

Put your brand front and center and let all Clinked branding disapear, from the URL to the sign up page and the content portal.

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Brand your emails

Send communications that matches your brand look and feel directly from within the portal, in a few easy steps.

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White-labelled mobile app

Let your clients and team collaborate on the go with our fully branded, white label mobile app. Available for Android and iOS.

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Collaboration Made Easy

Collaboration has never been so easy. Assign tasks to members, set deadlines and monitor progress. Request approvals on documents and use version history to easily access any older versions. Clinked benefits include customized permissions per person based on user access.

  • Stay up to date on all recent & relevant activities through your dashboard
  • Customize your group home with important links and information
  • ‘Follow’ users to keep updated on individual contributors
  • Keep track of user logins, uploads, downloads and deleted content
  • Use the Clinked mobile app for easy collaboration on-the-go

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Get things done, together

Advanced task functionalities allows for improved performance of projects and higher team productivity through clear ownership and greater transparency.

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Limit information overload

Customise your notifications to limit updates on activities you are actively following. Use @mentions to engage with specific users. Cut through the noise and never miss an update.

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A single location for your teams & clients

View all documents, tasks, meetings, events, members and forms in a single, cloud-based and easy to access location. Collaboration has never been so easy.

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Keep Track Of Everything. Yes, Everything.

Clinked benefits include real-time updates of your team’s activities in an easy-to-read format on your dashboard. You are also notified via e-mail when changes occur to the files and folders you follow. Download and analyse the data from Clinked’s comprehensive audit trails.

Get real-time information about:

  • Files that are uploaded, updated or deleted.
  • Comments, discussion, @mention messages and microblogging.
  • Names of the people who have made the updates, at what time and within which group.
  • Updates from members or content areas you are actively following.
  • Users that have logged in to your platform.
Unlimited version history

Clinked makes it easy to manage versioning of files. Every saved file version can be reviewed or restored at the click of a button.

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Files & folders following

Follow content to receive e-mail & push notifications when specific files and folders are updated.

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Automatic email notifications

Check updates in real time from your dashboard. Customize your notification frequency and level of details.

Email Notifications

Your Office Could Be Anywhere

Store and organise all your files online and within your Clinked portal. Sync and access from any device — your business is accessible everywhere! The Clinked mobile app is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad) via AppStore and Android devices via Google Play. White-label customization is also available on request.

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Mobile, with you

Clinked is available for your desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. Stay connected wherever you go.

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No need for VPN or FTP

No need for complicated and slow VPN system or FTP servers. Access everything from home or on the go with Clinked.

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Quick, easy collaboration

Preview documents without downloading, use your group chats and @mention people or groups from your mobile or tablet.

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Security Without Compromise

Keep your important data protected within a Clinked portal. Clinked is available on a Public Cloud (AWS servers) or Private Cloud and provides users with bank-grade security for all packages. Clinked benefits & security features include:

  • 256-bit SSL encryption in transit and AES encryption at rest
  • Controlled user permissions
  • Two-factor authentication and SSO
  • Complex passwords
  • Private cloud solutions
  • Optional IP restrictions (Enterprise customers only)

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Two-factor authentication

Add an additional security layer for your users. Enter a password together with an authentication code from your mobile in order to access your account.

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Complex passwords

Set requirements for users when creating passwords for their account. Choose to set letters, digits and optional special characters as standard requirements.

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User-based permissions

Define user permissions for each member depending on their role in the organisation. Add another layer of security with password protected files.

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Streamline your business. Engage your clients.

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