Client Portal Software

Interact with clients in your own branded portal & mobile app to easily collaborate, share files & communicate in real-time.

Clinked makes collaboration easy for you and your customers.

Provide a professional service from start to finish, from within a secure environment, by using your own white-labelled client portal for team members and clients.

Your team can send and receive files and folders, plan events, execute tasks, and have private conversations with clients. Your customers will be able to log in and access online files, provide feedback, view support and chat with your team whilst working on projects together.

client portal


Clinked is fast, reliable and easy to use – you can get set up and start sharing within minutes. Upload multiple files of an unlimited size and easily organize documents into structured folders for easy navigation and viewing.

  • Control file and folder permissions for internal members.
  • Request approvals on the latest documents and versions.
  • Drag and drop files and folders to share large files.
  • Locate and bring up files and folders with the universal search bar.
  • View live previews of your documents without having to download them.
  • Integrate your Google docs, sheets and more.


Gain the much-needed transparency to see what’s going on with your team members, clients and stakeholders at all times. After setting up your projects and groups, invite team members to join you in working together.

  • Update clients with real-time activity streams and project progress management.
  • Assign tasks to individual team members or share the workload with more than one user.
  • Set deadlines for members and monitor project updates.
  • Have efficient discussions, communicate using @mentions and microblogging.
  • Manage important events with the group calendar.
  • Clinked’s group chat feature allows for faster communication, without the need for e-mail.


Brand your client portal software and stand out from competitors. Get started by choosing your logo and domain name, before customizing your login page and the terminology throughout your platform.

  • White-label is available for all of our Clinked packages.
  • Use your own URL, e.g.
  • Branded native mobile apps are available for Android and iOS.
  • Folders and files can be organised exactly the way you want them to create a familiar workspace for your team and clients.
  • Enterprise customers can add custom integrations.
  • Supported by 13 languages.


Clinked’s client portal offers bank-level security to provide the best possible protection for your business and clients, so rest assured that the data being stored in your client portal is in the safest hands.

  • 256 bit SSL in transit and AES encryption at rest.
  • 1.2 TLS for all communication.
  • Two-factor authentication for secure access to your solution.
  • Account administrators can view all user activity in the audit trail.
  • IP restrictions available for Enterprise customers.
  • Private Cloud solution available.


Getting started with Clinked is simple – all you need is a device and an Internet connection. Team members and clients can be located all over the world but are still able to work together efficiently and in real-time, with files and conversations syncing across all devices.

  • Share files and documents on-the-go with your mobile device.
  • Retrieve files instantly from the cloud.
  • Securely email files straight into your client portal.
client portal


Clinked is designed to improve the way businesses work with teams and clients, bringing everyone together within a secure environment. Connect colleagues, customers and partners and join them in a central place for easy information sharing anytime and anywhere.

Reduce business costs by making manuals and technical documentation available online for your team and customers.

Save valuable time by viewing file previews in your client portal so you don’t need to download anything first.

Improve the customer experience by giving clients access to information and enabling them to resolve their own questions.

Strengthen your business relationships through effectively collaborating with clients.

Speed up the time it takes to get approvals from clients and team members and limit the need for meetings.

Improve your company’s brand image with seamless, white-label branding throughout your solution.


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