Adobe Sign Integration

Get Documents Instantly And Securely Signed With Adobe Sign

Clinked now offers integration with Adobe Sign. Now, you can deliver documents, forms and payments to your customers; as well as offering a highly secure, efficient and legally binding method for gaining signatures from your clients and partners.

Set Up Your Adobe Account And Collect Signatures Straight Away

Users within your portal will be able to send, sign and automatically store signed files within your folders and groups. All you need is an Adobe account to get started.

  • Activate Adobe Sign integration from your Account Settings;
  • Choose the file you want to request a signature on;
  • Enter the details of the recipient/s in order for them to sign the document;
  • Your recipient/s can sign the document through email;
  • Get notified of the signature instantly, through email and within your portal.

Why You Need To Be Using Adobe Sign Integration

If you’re dealing with hundreds of files that need signatures and approvals, it’s going to be easier for everyone if you’re able to do that from one centralised location like Clinked.

  • Request and receive signatures from customers, employees and stakeholders within minutes;
  • Always have a log of who signed a document and which version was signed;
  • Choose the type of signature: a) typing your name, b) drawing your signature, c) inserting an image, or d) signing from your mobile;
  • Ensure complete legal compliance by requesting signatures through Adobe.

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