Configurable Widgets

Customise Your Workspace With Configurable Widgets

  • How to customise dashboard widgets
  • Which users are able to customise widgets?
  • Are the edits viewable to everyone or individual to me?

How To Customise Dashboard Widgets

In order to edit the display of widgets, navigate to your dashboard or a group home page and select the button Edit Widgets.

This then enables the ability to drag and drop the widgets into your preferred order.

You will also notice the option to +Add Widget, if you select this, you’ll have the option to disable any widget that you do not want to display by unticking the box next to it.

If you select the drop-down menu next to +Add Widget, you can then edit the layout of your dashboard by choosing from the different display options. This determines how many columns you will have, and the size of each column.

Which Users Are Able To Customise Widgets?

  • Super admins of the whole portal can edit widgets on the dashboard and group homepages.
  • Group admins can edit widgets on the group homepage.

Are the edits viewable to everyone or individual to me?

Any adjustments made to the widgets on dashboards and group home pages will be displayed to all members who have access to the dashboard or group.

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