Keeping team conversations in a central location

Clinked makes it easy for you to collaborate and discuss with your internal and external team members. Conversations on Clinked ensure that all stakeholders have easy access to all discussions, all the time.

Types of team discussions in Clinked

  • Discussion forums within your groups.
  • Comments & feedback integrated with the related files, tasks, events, etc..
  • @mention messages to specific team members.
  • Microblogging to share your thoughts & opinions with team colleagues.

Clinked Features for Accountant Client Portal

Reap the rewards of client knowledge across your teams by using the right features:


Create individual and customisable workspaces for your clients or projects.


Share seamlessly with your clients – across any device, from any location. Upload and organise your files and folders.


Stay in touch and up to date with integrated group chat and expressive notification system.

Streamline your business. Engage your clients.

Choose a Clinked Client Portal for your Business. Upgrade your client experience today with our fully white label, best in class client portal.

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