File approval

Keep track when documents are signed-off

You can easily request for a file or document to be approved by another person within your Clinked network and by guests that you’ve shared the file with. This way, everyone can see if the latest document version is signed off or rejected.

File approval process inside Clinked

  • Any editor can request a file to be approved by another project or group member.
  • Recipient receives a file approval request notification via email and on the Dashboard.
  • The file can be approved or rejected, and complemented with comments.
  • The person who made the request receives the feedback via email.
  • The status of the file is displayed in the Activity Stream for other network members to see.

The efficient way of finalizing your files

  • Request approvals on every version of your file.
  • Get your files approved by multiple members of your project or group.
  • You can also request approvals from external guest members who you have previously shared the file with.
  • Receive feedback when your file is either approved or rejected.