Google Calendar

Integrate your Google Calendar with Clinked

Clinked can be integrated with Google Calendars, meaning that you’re able to schedule events and tasks in your Clinked shared group calendars and they will be automatically synced with yours, your clients and team members iCal accounts.

Easily connect your two calendars and never miss an update

Synchronizing your events with your Google calendar is easy. After creating the event in Clinked, you can connect your account to your Google calendar and events will be automatically created in iCal.

  • Connect with Google calendar via the “Subscribe iCalendar” function.
  • Create the event in your Clinked group calendar.
  • Invite members within your Clinked group and they will also have the event synced with their Google calendar.
  • Changes to a connected calendar event should take place in the Clinked calendar to stay synchronized.
  • You can also add event invitations to Google calendar with an ICS file attached to your email.

Always keep on top of upcoming events and tasks

By integrating your Clinked solution with iCal, you’ll be sure that your members will never accidentally miss an upcoming event or task.

  • Save time by not having to add the same event to multiple calendars.
  • Ensure that all invitees have received invitations and are aware of upcoming events and tasks.
  • Give clients and team members the option to refer to their preferred calendar to access an upcoming event.
  • Combine Google Calendar with Clinked’s Google Drive and Contacts integrations for more efficient working.

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