Google Drive Integration

Google Drive integration allows you to easily attach Google files to your Clinked portal so that you have a central location where you and your clients can access all files. Attaching documents from your Google Drive to your Clinked account also means that you can collaborate with each other on files in a real time online document editor.

How To Attach Google Files To Your Clinked Portal

Attaching Google files to your Clinked account is a simple task, after attaching the docs it will display a link within the file section of your portal that will redirect you and clients to Google Drive. Documents will need to be shared with the necessary users within your Google Drive before they can access it within Clinked.

Step 1

First go to the files section of the group that you would like to attach a Google Doc to.

Step 2

Select the drop-down menu next to Upload Files and choose Attach from Google Drive.

Step 3

You will then be prompted to sign into your Google account in order to connect it to Clinked, you will only need to do this once in order to set it up.

Step 4

A list of all your Google folders and files will then appear, simply tick the ones that you would like to attach to the Clinked group, or use the search bar to search for a specific file and then select Attach from Google Drive.

Step 5

The Google folders/files will then be uploaded to your Clinked files, you will see a small Google icon on files that are attached from your Drive so that you can differentiate between your Clinked files and Google files.

Can I Edit Google Files In Clinked?

When you attach a Google document to Clinked, you won’t be able to view the file within Clinked. It simply displays a link within your group files which when opened re-directs you to your Google Drive where you, your colleagues and clients can collaborate on the file.

More Features From Clinked

Instant file viewing

Efficiently view many file types directly from within your Clinked portal without having to download them first.

User-based permissions

Keep tight controls on yours and your clients content by giving individual members different levels of access to content.

Version control

Keep track of all changes being actioned on documents – every saved file version can be reviewed, compared and restored.

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