Google Drive

Google Drive integration

Being part of Google Apps for business, you can easily share Google files with your Clinked network and take advantage of the collaborative features Clinked offers. It also ensures access to all files for your Clinked network in one central location.

Using Google files on Clinked

  • Start uploading Google files to your Clinked group.
  • You may first need to approve access from your Google account to Clinked.
  • Google files will appear along your other uploaded files, including the Google file logo, for the group members.
  • You can attach Google files like an attachment to your Clinked wiki pages.
  • Editing permissions to Google files is managed within your Google files, not within Clinked.
  • Changes to a connected Google document will synchronously be updated, ensuring same content display whether accessed via Google Drive or Clinked.
  • At the moment, the Clinked search engine is not able to index connected Google files – but it is on our agenda.

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