Reach Out

Communicate Efficiently With All Clients

The Reach out feature is designed for communicating with users across multiple, or all of the different groups in your portal. Reach out can be used to communicate anything with your clients – from monthly newsletters to event invitations – as an instant share of important news or updates that apply to one or more groups, if not all groups.

  • How to send a Reach Out
  • Which members are able to send Reach Outs?
  • How will users receive Reach Outs?
  • Is there an audit trail with Reach Out?
  • How is communication managed with Reach Out?

How To Send A Reach Out

  1. First navigate to the megaphone icon at the top of your Clinked portal, then select New Reach Out.
  1. Next, type the names of the groups that you would like to Reach Out to, or choose them from the list displayed of all your groups.
  2. You can then create your email by adding a subject line and body text; you can embed media, add links to the text (either internally to a section of your portal, or to an external page), and attach files from your computer.
  1. Once the Reach Out is ready – you can send a test email to see a preview before sending the real thing.

Watch the video below for a detailed walkthrough of the Reach Out feature!

Key Questions

Which members are able to send Reach Outs?

The Reach Out feature is only available for Super Admins of your account, this is because you need to have access to all groups inside an account in order to send a Reach Out.

How will users receive Reach Outs?

Recipients will receive the reach out messages via email, this email will be branded with your company logo. It can also have an attachment which they can download directly from the email, and a link to an area of your portal or to an external page.

Is there an audit trail with Reach Out?

There is a record kept of all the reach outs sent from your portal. You will see this when you first navigate to the reach out feature, this records who sent the reach out, which groups it has been sent to, the individual recipients, the actual message that was sent and any attachments. 

How is communication managed with Reach Out?

The main benefit of communicating with your clients through reach out is that you already have a list of all your groups with the right contacts, making it easy for you to send a message out to all of the correct people. This will allow you to create an automated process for efficiently communicating with clients on a regular basis.

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