Version Control

Keep Track Of Your Document Versions

Clinked makes it easy to manage versioning of online documents and any uploaded files. Every saved file version can be reviewed, compared and restored – included auto-saved files, if you would suffer power cut or crashed web browser.

Version Control Of Uploaded Files

  • See overview of all saved versions.
  • Download and compare versions, restore any versions anytime without loosing previous versions
  • See who has uploaded different versions & when
  • Editors can provide update notes when uploading a new version

Online Document Version Control

See list of saved page versions.
Select which version and compare them within Clinked.
Changes are highlighted.
Roll back to previous versions without losing access to older versions.
When saving a new version, the editor’s name and time stamp is added to the Version control and Activity stream.
Editors can add update notes to the new version.
Recover auto-saved documents.

Ability To Delete Old Versions In Notes

  • If you have old versions of your Notes that you no longer have a use for, you can easily delete them with a click of a button
  • Avoid the build up of previous versions that are no longer needed

More Features From Clinked

File Approval

Easily request for a file or document to be approved by another person within your group and by guests that you’ve shared the file with.

File Uploading

Upload multiple large files of any format into project folders via the file uploading tool or via email straight into your project group.

File Locking

You can “lock” a file while making changes and “unlock” it when you have saved or uploaded an updated version.

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