White-label Solution

A Custom Client Portal That Will Wow Your Clients And Grow Your Business

You can customize the design of your portal and content to a various degree, depending on your selected Clinked package. The features of Clinked’s white-label include your login screen, domain name, background colours, URL, images, terminology and mobile app. In addition, complete design re-skinning is also possible for Enterprise clients.

Integrate With Your Website

Click Edit and start customizing your own login form using this interactive tool

Meet Your Company Branding Requirements

And not only will your custom client portal match your branding; but also impress your clients, partners and team members with your white-label solution –

  • Customize your company logo, images, background colours.
  • Individualize your groups and projects by adding logos and backgrounds for each.
  • The web address to your portal will include the name of your group or company, with the option of a full custom URL, e.g. https://www.clients.yourcompany.com.
  • Update the terminology within your white-label solution.
  • Organise your files and folders in exactly the way that you’d like them.
  • Update your login screen to match your company branding.
  • Get a matching branded mobile app.
white label solution client portal: screenshot of the custom client portal

A Better Client Experience

  • Create a consistent experience for clients with the rich white-label features.
  • Customise your design to fit perfectly with corporate guidelines.
  • Associate the portal with your specific web address so your clients have the clear association with your company.
  • Introduce your own white-labelled mobile app (available for Android and Apple) for sharing information and joining conversations on-the-go.
  • Save time and money on development costs and dedicated personnel by using a Clinked white-label solution (we provide the support!).

More Features From Clinked

White Label Mobile App

Ensure your branding stays front and centre with a custom white label mobile app that can be downloaded for iOS & Android.

Private Cloud

Have the freedom to build your own platform using Clinked, with flexibility to customise your own user interface design as well as new features.

G-Suite Integration

Easily integrate with G-Suite. Once set up, you’re able to view and share your Google content within your Clinked portal.

Streamline your business. Engage your clients.

Choose a Clinked Custom Client Portal for your Business. Upgrade your client experience today with our fully white label & customizable, best in class client portal.

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