Activity Stream

The activity stream displays real-time updates of activity taking place within your portal, displaying all actions that have occurred and who performed them. Each individual group has an activity feed, as well as the main activity stream displayed on the dashboard which records activity from every group across your portal.

What will be recorded in the Activity Stream?

All forms of activity will be recorded within the activity stream, as well as the time that the action took place and the member it was performed by.

Recorded actions include:

  • Uploading or deleting files
  • Any new comments on files, discussions, tasks or notes
  • Tasks & Events that are created, edited or completed.
  • @mention messages.
  • Updates from members or content areas you are actively following

Can you delete activity from the activity stream?

It isn’t currently possible to delete activity from the feed on the main dashboard but you can delete activities from individual the group feeds by hovering over them and selecting the trash icon, this will then automatically delete it from the main dashboard. 

How can you send a message to all group members via the activity stream?

The activity stream isn’t just a record kept of updates carried out in the portal, it can also be used to send a message to everyone, or certain members within a group.

  1. First you will need to go to an individual group, then on the homepage of the group, scroll down to the Recent Activity section.

2. In the box provided, use the @ symbol followed by the name of the group that you’re in and then select the name from the drop down to tag the group

     3. Type a message and select share to notify every member of that group via email.

4. You can even add attachments by selecting the button in the bottom left corner

5. Users can reply to the email notification simply by hitting Reply and this will automatically submit the response as a comment on the message within the activity feed.

6. Alternatively, they can submit a comment from within Clinked underneath the message

You can also send a message to individual users within the activity stream

  1. Complete the same steps as above, instead of using the @ symbol and tagging the entire group, just tag one or multiple users.

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