Dropbox Migration Service

If you have a large amount of files stored in Dropbox then we can help transfer them to Clinked.

Dropbox Migration Service

Moving several gigabytes of data away from dropbox is not only difficult it can be very time consuming. This is where Clinked Dropbox Migration Service can help.

We have specialist team of in-house developers that are experienced in transferring large amounts of data from one provider to Clinked.

How Does the Process Work?

The process is really simple. If you are a customer (any package) and you need to transfer a bulk load of files across from Dropbox to Clinked then make a request with our support team.

You will then be contacted by one of our team to arrange access to your Dropbox account (by inviting us or sharing).

Our technicians will then run their tools in order to transfer over all the files and they will email you when the process is complete.

It’s that simple.

If this is something that you would like to take advantage of, please email support@clinked.com to arrange a transfer.

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