File locking

Lock files to prevent duplicate editing

Make sure no one removes or edits files you are working on. You can “lock” a file while making changes, and “unlock” it when you have saved or uploaded an updated version.
Other members can still view a locked file, but cannot make modifications or delete it until unlocked.

File locking process in Clinked

  • Go to the file and change its setting to “Lock file”.
  • Download the file to make required changes.
  • Before uploading a new version, “Unlock” the locked file in the file settings.
  • Upload the new version. The replaced version will now be accessible via the File version control.

Secure wiki page editing

  • Start making content updates on an existing wiki page.
  • If additional editors enter the same page in edit mode, all editors will be warned that others are editing.
  • When one editor saves the page, the other editors will be told that a new page version has been saved.
  • If other editors save the same page, the latest saved version will be published.
  • Previous versions can be accessed, compared and restored from the version control manager.

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