File Request

Requesting a file has never been easier

With the file request feature you can allow anyone to upload files to your Clinked account, even if they are not a member. This feature is ideal if someone is trying to send you a sensitive file, or one that is too large to be sent by email. This is very similar to the file request feature found in Dropbox.

How To Send A File Request

1. Go to one of your groups and navigate to the Files section.

2. Enter the individual folder that you need to request an upload to. Next to Upload files, select the drop down and choose Request Files.

4. In the boxes, type a description of the file/files you are requesting, the email addresses of those you are requesting them from, you can also set a deadline and require a password if necessary. Then hit Send.

5. The recipients will then receive the request via an email, see example below. The email will include the name of the folder, the requester and the file being requested.

6. After selecting Upload, they will be navigated to the correct location to upload the file.

Key Questions

Can I send a file request to non-members?

Yes – you can send a file request to any email address, it doesn’t matter whether it’s an internal member of your portal or an external user.

Are there any file size limits?

There are no limitations for file sizes you can upload. All you need to do is make sure your account has enough storage. To check this, go to Account Settings > Package.

Will the user have access to any other files?

When you request a file upload from someone into a specific folder, this will also give them access to view and download any other files in that specific folder.

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