Group Chat

Instant team communication with the Group Chat feature

Communication is a huge element of collaboration. Clinked now offers Group Chat within all of your groups. This approach keeps you connected whilst keeping conversations on-topic.

Real-time communication for efficient working

  • Connect instantly with members of your projects and groups.
  • Share links and files securely over chat.
  • Retain chat history for future reference.
  • Notification sound alerts ensure that messages aren’t missed.
  • Display to see which users are currently online.

Why is Group Chat unique?

Group Chat is different than private 1-to-1 chatting because of the conversations being open and visible to all team members. This means that any group member can join the conversation, share ideas and link with your team in real-time. The Group Chat feature is perfect for projects, teams or entire departments; everyone can be aware of what’s going on and can collaborate to make things happen, FAST!

Always have your chat history

Clinked’s Group Chat saves your conversations FOREVER! That means you can catch up on things you’ve missed while you were away, and pick up right where you left off the next time you connect with your clients and team members.

Keep your conversations secure

Your conversations are password protected and safe. You’ll need to be a member of the group or project to see and contribute to the conversations that are taking place – whether that’s from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

All communication uses 256-bit SSL security (which is the same as online banks). 

As you can see, a lot has gone into making our Group Chat feature, we hope you enjoy it and please give us any feedback by email or on our social media forums.

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