Universal search

Find Any Files You Upload To Clinked

The powerful Search function allows you to find any files or documents you have created or uploaded on Clinked. As long as your searched keyword(s) is included in text format somewhere in your content, it will be indexed and retrieved when searched for. This includes for content you create on Clinked, i.e. web documents, tasks, events, tags, or collaborative discussions. It also includes any uploaded files, e.g. PDFs, MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc, but currently not connected Google files.

Make It Easy To Find Your Files

  • Use relevant keyword in the file or page name.
  • Include the specific keyword in headlines and in beginning of the content.
  • Apply tags with relevant keywords.

@mention messaging

Have the option to “mention” the name(s) of group members to generate an email notification and more visibility in their Activity stream.

Tagging & Tag Clouds

Tagging makes it easier to find content on Clinked, both in the Clinked search engine result pages and via tag clouds.

Activity Stream

The activity stream displays real-time updates of activity taking place within your portal, displaying all actions performed by users.

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