Configurable File Columns

Display the information that's relevant to you

Our configurable columns within the file view enable you to only display the information that’s relevant to you and your clients. With choices including the approval status, file summary, date last modified, version and file size, you can customise the file structure to clearly display the data that fits your needs. 

How to configure file columns

By default, your file columns will display the following information; when the file was last modified, the approval status and the file size. If you would like to edit this, simply select the icon in the top right corner of the header and tick the boxes for the information that you’d like to display.

You can do this for the approval status:

The number of versions of a file uploaded:

And the file summary:

What information can I display?

The options for different information that you can choose to display include:

Last modified

This will tell you when the file was last updated (e.g. if a new version has been uploaded).


This tells you the approval status of a file, if it’s been sent for approval but not responded it will say Pending, otherwise it will display Accepted or Rejected.


Versions tells you the number of versions of a file that have been uploaded.


File size will display the size (in MB) of the file uploaded.


The file summary is a summary that can be provided when a new version of a file is uploaded, this is meant to detail all of the changes that have been made to a file prior to uploading the updated version.

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