File uploading

Upload Files Via Email & Uploading Tool

Upload multiple large files of any format into project folders via the file uploading tool or via email straight into your project group. Clinked allows uploads up to 5GB per individual file, starting from 1TB of storage space.

File Uploading Via Email

  • If you have received files as an attachment via email, you can easily forward the email to your Clinked group without using the file uploading tool in Clinked
  • Each group on Clinked has unique email address which only approved users can send emails to.
  • Uploaded files will appear in your Clinked group root folder, from where you can easily move them to suitable subfolders.
  • To avoid spam, you register which email addresses should be allowed to upload files via email.

Quick Multiple File Uploading Capabilities

  • Upload as many files as many files as you want in one go.
  • Any file formats allowed, including videos.
  • Move uploaded files to adequate sub-folders once uploading is complete.

Update Existing Files With New Versions

Upload files with same file name to replace current file.
Previous file versions can easily be accessed and restored via the File version control manager.

Drag & Drop File Uploading

  • Take your files and upload them directly into your platform by using drag & drop support
  • Upload files more quickly for more efficient file sharing and collaboration

More Features From Clinked

File Request

If needed, you can allow anyone to upload files to your Clinked account, even if they are not a member with our file request feature.

Version Control

Keep track of all changes being actioned on documents – every saved file version can be reviewed, compared and restored.

Instant File Viewing

Efficiently view many file types directly from within your Clinked portal without having to download them first.

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