Need a more efficient way of communicating with your internal and external team members and clients? A Clinked communication solution could be what you’re looking for.

With unlimited groups, your business can communicate with all of your team members and clients from one centralized environment.

Clinked makes it simple and secure for your business to share large amounts of information; through its user-friendly features, centralized cloud-based location and maximum security measures.

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Do you rely on email for your communication? Is project progress slow and frustrating? You may find that a Clinked communication tool could be the solution for your business.

Relying on email for your communication & knowledge sharing is proving unsuitable. 

Client satisfaction is reduced due to infrequent engagement from your business.

Progress is slow because of the lack of transparency between business and clients.

Difficulty managing communication with clients across multiple countries.

Reach Out

Regularly communicating with clients or team members is an effortless process with Clinked. The Reach Out feature allows announcements to be sent via email to all members of individual or multiple groups across your portal and can include links and attachements. Reach out makes it easy to share important news, events and updates leveraging the contacts and groups functionality of Clinked.

Learn more about the Reach Out feature here.


Effective communication is crucial to business success, keeping clients engaged and team members motivated. With Clinked, you can offer all of this and more with custom workspaces and transparent communications.

  • A personalised experience for team members and clients

Create a white-label environment for your business and clients to communicate with each other. You’ll be spreading brand awareness whilst providing a practical solution for increasing engagement with clients.

  • A centralized location for keeping communication and files together

Upload files within a secure environment like Clinked, where you and your clients will also be able to communicate through adding feedback, comments and requesting approvals. As a result, work processes can run smoothly.

  • A communication solution that keeps security in mind

For maximum protection and peace of mind over your files and communication; Clinked uses 256 bit AES in transit, encryption at rest and TLS 1.2 for all communication. There’s also two-factor authentication, user-based permissions and an audit trail.

"Great portal for business use. All your information is logged for easy reference. Good features for downloading files and easy for clients to log on and review. Several people can join in which is great for the client. You have everything from files to discussions in one easily accessible place."

– Simon Allan, Senior Designer, Mod Cabinetry

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From microblogging to group chat to your own custom mobile app. Clinked can offer loads of ways to communicate more efficiently with clients and team members.

Activity Streams

Get real-time updates on recent group activity. Choose to only show updates from users you’re following.

@Mentions and Group Mentions

Individual members or entire groups can be tagged in a comment within your solution.


Post updates to group activity streams. Ask questions, @mention users or share information.

Discussion Forums

Create forums for group members to communicate and engage with each other.

Group Chat

All groups can have their own group chat for instant messaging between members.

Mobile App

Set up your mobile app with optional custom branding for on-the-go communication.

Comments and Annotations

Add annotations within your HTML5 files and add comments with user @mentions.

Group Calendars

Set up events within your group calendar. Invite team members and clients to join and set reminders.


If you think Clinked could work for your business, sign up for a free trial today.