Build Trust, Elevate Experience

Transform your client interactions with Clinked. Our centralized hub not only keeps all crucial files and communications in one place but also guarantees a personalized, streamlined start for every client. It’s not just about onboarding; it’s about elevating the entire experience to boost productivity and satisfaction.

ClinkedΓÇÖs Client Onboarding Portal Tool
Collect Client Data with Clinked

Data Collection, Simplified

Say goodbye to the hassle of collecting client information. Clinked gathers and organizes all the essential details for you, ensuring a personalized and comprehensive experience right from the start. The platform prioritizes precision and completeness, making onboarding smoother and faster.

Automate Client Onboarding with Clinked

Automate Onboarding, Save Time

Through Clinked's extensive integration with Zapier, you can create automatized onboarding flows, organize documents efficiently and provide a welcoming experience for your clients -without lifting a finger.

Enhance client communication with Clinked

Communication, Redefined

Keep the conversation going – in real time. Clinked provides a dynamic platform for you to stay connected with your clients through every step, ensuring transparency and quick responses to their queries -all in one place.

Customize your client onboarding portal with Clinked

Your Brand, Your Portal

Customize your portal to reflect your brand’s look. With Clinked, you can craft a familiar and trustworthy environment that feels like a natural extension of your corporate identity.

Secure client onboarding process with Clinked

Uncompromised Security

With advanced encryption, stringent access controls, and regular audits, we ensure your client data stays bank-grade protected, always.

Clinked’s Key Features for Smooth Onboarding

Discover how Clinked enhances client onboarding with our powerful suite of features. From branded portals to secure document sharing and real-time chats, we streamline client engagement and project management without you lifting a finger.

Custom Branding

Custom Branding

Elevate your client portal with a touch of personalization. Our white-label solution lets you craft a professional, cohesive experience that speaks volumes.

Streamline Approvals, Enhance Collaboration

Streamline Approvals, Enhance Collaboration

From document approval workflows to seamless integration with essential tools and real-time document editing, Clinked is designed to simplify every aspect of client onboarding.

Keep Tasks on Track

Keep Tasks on Track

With our task management tools, @mentions for direct communication, and an audit trail for monitoring activities, staying organized and on top of your projects has never been easier.

Stay Informed, Stay Connected

Stay Informed, Stay Connected

Our email notification system and scalable portal solutions ensure you’re always informed and ready to expand your reach.

Explore Clinked in Action

Dive into our brief video guide and see the difference Clinked can make in your client onboarding process. Discover a world where onboarding is easy both for you and your clients.

1m28s video: Managing clients can be challenging, but Clinked makes it easy.

Customer Experiences That Matter

FAQs about Client Onboarding Portals

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Learn everything about transitioning to a paperless workflow, the benefits of client onboarding portals, and how Clinked can optimize your business processes.


A client onboarding portal is a digital platform designed to streamline the process of introducing new clients to a company’s services or products. It typically includes features for information collection, document sharing, and communication to facilitate a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Customer onboarding software is a type of application that helps businesses automate and manage the initial stages of their relationship with a customer. It’s used to guide customers through the process of understanding and using a product or service effectively, often featuring tools for training, task management, and progress tracking.

To create an online onboarding, start by identifying the key steps your clients need to take to effectively use your service or product. Then, utilize an onboarding software or portal to digitize these steps, incorporating interactive elements like tutorials, forms for data collection, and resources for easy access to information.

Here’s how you can create your own client onboarding portal at Clinked with a few easy steps:

  • Get Started with Clinked. Begin by setting up your Clinked account. This step is simple and quick, and you’ll gain immediate access to your new account once completed.
  • Activate the White Label Option. With your Clinked account ready, tailor the platform to align with your company’s visual identity. Upload your logo, select a header image, and choose colors that resonate with your brand’s theme.
  • Establish Client Groups. After personalizing your client portal, proceed to form groups within the platform. Each group can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your clients.
  • Incorporate Team Members and Clients. Next, introduce your team members and clients to Clinked. The platform allows you to assign specific user permissions, controlling access to different groups, resources, and capabilities.

Client onboarding portals offer several benefits, including streamlined communication, efficient information and document management, improved client satisfaction through a smoother onboarding process, and the ability to scale onboarding efforts without compromising the quality of client experience.

Client onboarding portals offer several benefits, including streamlined communication, efficient information and document management, improved client satisfaction through a smoother onboarding process, and the ability to scale onboarding efforts without compromising the quality of client experience.

At Clinked, safeguarding your data is our top priority. We ensure its protection using bank-level security, including encrypted backups and robust security measures like two-factor authentication, complex password requirements, and user-specific permission controls. Learn more about Clinked’s security compliance.

Virtually all industries can benefit from using onboarding portals. They are particularly valuable in sectors like banking and finance, healthcare, IT and software, real estate, and any service-based industry where a smooth client introduction to services is crucial for success. These portals are adaptable to the specific needs and compliance requirements of different industries.

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