Project Management

Clinked is a great project management tool for organising tasks, monitoring progress and achieving objectives within your business.

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Manage projects easily with Clinked’s events calendars, group notes, audit trails and more.

Embrace project collaboration by involving the whole team and get more done. Fully customise your project management software with Clinked white-label branding to allow your tool to be easily associated with your company and to fit with your corporate guidelines.


Create online documents with the user-friendly and feature-rich document editor.

  • Create and save templates.
  • Edit and update notes whilst still having access to previous versions.
  • Add attachments, hyperlinks, tables, images and videos.
  • Share notes externally with quickshare.

The feature allows your team members to collaborate on ideas and develop task or project outlines instantly, with no need to download or upload new versions.

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Your group calendar will allow you to quickly set up meetings with your Clinked network members and share group events for more efficient project management. 

  • Invite Clinked members, limit number of attendees.
  • Send meeting invitations to recipients via email and on the Clinked group dashboard.
  • Use iCal to easily synchronize with other calendar tools, e.g. Google, Outlook etc.

On top of the standard online calendar features, you can customise your calendar’s transparency to others.

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Engage in productive project management with Clinked.

  • Assign tasks to Clinked members, set task start and complete-by dates.
  • Accept or reject a task assignment.
  • Update task progress and status.
  • Easily accessible from your Dashboard.
  • Team members can view, edit and comment on team member tasks.

Use the shared task list tool to plan and monitor future, on-going and overdue tasks with team members to ensure that they are completed and delivered on time.

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Clinked’s file management features help you to stay on top of your files and folders and remain in control when it comes to project management.

  • Request file approvals by another member of your Clinked network to see if the latest document version has been signed off or rejected.
  • Lock files to make sure your files can’t be removed or modified.
  • Version control lets you easily bring up previous versions of your documents to refer back to.
  • Share files and folders externally with optional password protection for added security.
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Get real-life updates of any activity within your groups when using Clinked’s Activity Streams feature.

  • You can view files that are uploaded or deleted.
  • See tasks and events that are created, edited or completed.
  • View discussions, comments and @mention messages.
  • Look at the names of the members making updates and at what time within each group.

The feature is in an easy-to-read format and is accessible from your homepage.

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Get detailed reports on usage, documents and user activity. 

  • Track actions such as view, download, create and more for all content.
  • Generate CSV reports.
  • Sort by group, date, content or user.

With comprehensive audit trails available for account administrators and super administrators, project management doesn’t have to be complicated.

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